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Mashing, lautering, sparging, wort boiling / cooling and fermentation

Everything in a spin and in one system: Hopfensau - WOW

The solid construction of a concrete mixer is the basic design for the 50l Hopfensau. Into the mixing pan we attached a 50l stainless steel vessel, where the different steps of brewing are performed.


Optionally decoction or infusion method by directly infusing steam into the mash. Efficient mixing of the mash - exactly like the concrete mixer does. The screwed-in lauter filter works also as a stirrer.


Lautering and sparging

Trough the lauter filter directly into a manipulation keg without unwanted oxigenation.


Removal of draff

By tilting the brewing vessel, the spent grains fall - without any effort - into a draff bucket


Wort boiling

The first wort is pumped from the manipulation keg into the cleaned brewing vessel by the wort pump and than heated to boiling temperatures with the SUDKRAFT heating coil.


Wort cooling / Main fermentation

In the very same brewing vessel with a cooling coil by using tap water or in a cooling circuit with the SUDKRAFT cooling aggregate


Short but Nice!

Short review of the process