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Multifunctional micro-steambrewery for brewing top- and low fermented beer styles

How do you get such an idea?

You have to drink beer - and better if it’s a good one!



We always liked to brew and did it for years. Long before home brewing became a hype. It’s great fun and in our opinion, everyone who loves beer should be able to do it. Assuming you have an idea of the craft.









From ancient times man has used his senses to create something unique.

With his hands he wrote the history of craftsmanship. Brewing is a handcraft and based on the use of our senses. Magic but simple. Art and You are the artist. We are convinced that everyone can learn the craft of brewing, as long as he’s disposed to experience it.
With all five senses.



Think global, act local!

Handcrafted "made in Austria"

In the production of the 50l Hopfensau, we attach great importance to a local resource-friendly production chain. Where possible, partner companies in close proximity of our company location manufacture the components of our micro-steam brewery. That’s how we save on avoiding long transport routes and are able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests. By using only quality components also used in beverage industry we contribute to the longevity of our product and take action for sustainability.

After all, the 50l Hopfensau is THE tool of the brewer.



If you have any questions about the 50l Hopfensau or related to brewing

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