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Just brew it!

The magic world of your own brew

You want to immerse yourself in the magic world of brewing? You want to brew your own batch of beer?



We live and love beer and are happy to share our know-how


We can help you:

to brew tasty, balanced, smooth beer according to your very special taste to gain insight into the fascinating relation between water, malt, hops and yeast and understand brewing as an pleasurable act of creation.

Lets get into it!

The art of brewing

Feel the passion

In our 8h brewing classes we lead you trough the basic principles and techniques of all-grain beer brewing and provide a look behind the scenes of the multifaceted work of a brew master.

Using your creativity, we will work out recipes, go trough the processes of milling, mashing, lautering, you get to know what a „whirlpool“ is used for, what’s meant by „sparging“, or „wort“. And how does it taste by the way?

The four main ingredients water, malt, hops and yeast give us an immense variety of possibilities to create different styles of beer and alter flavour, color or body of our beer.

You understand the interaction between these four ingredients, their dependence on temperature, rest and enzyme activity, the silent but powerful work of yeast cells and how to combine those ingredients to brew a batch of mind-blowing good beer.

Hands-on! In our classes we give you some in depth guidance, but it’s not all theory. You will get active and have some fun. In small groups of max 10 attendees, every hand is needed. Working on the „50l Hopfensau“ we will emphasize practical skills, there is no automation or motor, that way you will experience and live brewing craft with all your senses.


With all that work done, you will get a handout with the content of the workshop and a certificate from us. You have gained the level of a „Saubrauer“.

Brew courses

Your own brew on the 50L Hopfensau

  • Brew courses for closed groups
  • to celebrate your birthday with your friends
  • for your wedding
  • for the baptism of your child
  • or just for fun
  • for companies that have something to celebrate
  • to the Christmas party
  • at easter
  • before the company holiday
  • or because you always wanted to do it

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