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Multifunctional micro-steambrewery for brewing top- and low fermented beer styles

How it works

And it was the brewers craft that was our main goal in the designing process of the 50l Hopfensau. All brewing steps have to be done manually and using your senses. There’s no motor or any kind of automation.



Unique and patented

Rotatable and tiltable double-walled brewing vessel equipped with:


- Screwed-in lauter screen that also works as a stirrer
- Steam injection lance for infusing saturated-steam and for sparging
- Heating coil
- Cooling coil
- Digital temperature control

Steam generator

multifunctional saturated

- Generating saturated-steam for increasing mashing temperature
- Boiling function for mashing and sparging water
- Cooling water vessel for wort cooling process
- Extendable hop-boiling system for pre-isomerisation and extraction of hop oils
- Sterilization of kegs with steam



Manipulation KEG 50L

Industry standard

-insulated stainless steel keg with M system keg tap coupler


Wort pump

Strong and reliable

- efficient liquid ring pump for pressing liquids (wort up to 95°C) and cleaning water in cleaning mode through the system


cooling aggregate


- with digital fine-adjustment of temperature for main fermentation of bottom-fermented beers
- 2 circuit beer draft machine
- Connecting pieces for fitting and Co2